Monday, October 03, 2005

Create a multi executable file boinc project

Suppose that you want to create a Boinc project that contains some shared libraries. For example, that you use the program main that uses the library lib.dll. How to configure the server to send the library only to the windows client.

  1. Create a directory: $project/apps/$APPNAME/$MAIN_VERSION_PLATFORM. We will say it is in $project/apps/main/main_5.0_windows_intelx86.
  2. In this directory add the file: main and rename it, MAIN_VERSION_PLATFORM: main_5.0_windows_intelx86
  3. Insert the dll into this directory, give the name you want.
  4. sign all the files.
  5. go into the $project directory, and update_versions:


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