Monday, September 05, 2005

Using Boinc with Visual Studio .NET

To use boinc in the project:

1. Include the needed files called from the software into a new folder (let's say boincapi). In our case, files are:
  • app_ipc.C
  • app_ipc.h
  • boinc_api.C
  • boinc_api.h
  • filesys.C
  • filesys.h
  • graphics_api.C
  • graphics_api.h
  • graphics_impl.C
  • graphics_impl.h
  • hostinfo.C
  • hostinfo.h
  • md5.c
  • md5.h
  • mem_usage.C
  • mem_usage.h
  • mfile.C
  • mfile.h
  • miofile.c
  • miofile.h
  • parse.c
  • parse.h
  • prefs.c
  • prefs.h
  • proxy_info.c
  • proxy_info.h
  • util.C
  • util.h
  • shmem.C
  • shmem.h
  • md5_file.C
  • md5_file.h
  • windows_opengl.C
Be sure that the compilation language is C++ (neither default nor C).

2. Add into the C++ dependencies, $BOINC_HOME/lib, $BOINC_HOME/api, $BOINC_HOME/zip, $BOINC_HOME/client/win and $BOINC_HOME/.

3. In the linker dependencies, add: opengl32.lib glu32.lib glaux.lib

4. The _CONSOLE preprocessor macro should not be defined.


Blogger eric said...

Hello, just surfing the bolg sites. Landed on yours. Nice effort, like the layout, will check back soon.
I have a site. It is all to do with related things.
Check it out if you find the time :-)

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Nicolas Durand said...

Hi Jacques,

I just landed on your site, because I have problems using BOINC and VS 2003.
Sometimes, when I try to debug (another application) with VS, it just hangs until I "Snooze" BOINC.

Any idea?



4:00 AM  

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